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Release Notes v1.3.1

New Features:

  • Templates
    • Added a new Templates page, allowing the user to set the same recipients and signing fields to a form. With templates, the user doesn't need to repetitively add the same fields to each request every time they send a new document for signature.
      • To add a form to the Templates page, hover on a form in the Forms page and click the ellipsis ("...") button. Then, choose Add to Templates.

      • To use a template, navigate to the top menu and click the Templates link to be redirected to the Templates page. Then, hover on a form you want to use and click Use Template.

  • User Profile
    • The application prompts and requires the user to select a Post before continuing with Firma.



  • Added a Reroute Current Step button in the Signature Workflow Steps block.

  • Moved the Recently Deleted Forms into a context menu in the Forms page.


  • Added the ability to increase the action timeout for uploading a form.
    • This prevents a multi-page form from encountering timeout issues.
  • Added a redirect event.  Once the form is completed, the URL redirects to the new Preview Form page.


  • Release v1.2.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue allowing uploads of up to 30 MB.
    • Fixed an issue where the ATLAS Firma link in the email redirected the user to an unavailable page.
    • Fixed an issue in an OpenNet PC, where the sign-out button redirected users to the Firma Dashboard/Home page instead of the Logged Out page.

    • Fixed an issue where an employee's name was visible when previewing the form.
    • Renamed My Profile > My Forms into Profile > Forms.
    • Fixed an issue where the image was not loading properly on the My Profile page's Signature Preview.
    • Renamed the subheader breadcrumbs link to Recently Deleted Forms.
    • Changed the redirect hook for configuring the Post/Office into a modal dialog box.
    • Limited the height of all the combined thumbnails on the left and added a scrollbar when there are too many thumbnails so the multi-page UI is still acceptable.
    • Fixed a bug where the popup window would overlap when an administrator cleared the user's Disclaimer Acknowledge and Profile Post on the System Administration page.
    • Resolved a problem that occurred when a signer clicked Reroute Current Step and viewed the document; after clicking OK, the Forms page was displayed.
    • Reduced the font size for "Watch List" and "Signature Workflow Steps".
    • Addressed the issue where a signee who was removed from the Watchlist was still listed as a signee.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the user to be redirected to the Current Forms page when they clicked the Save button after rerouting the current step.
    • Fixed an issue whereby additional owners added through a Watchlist were unable to Reroute Current Steps not assigned directly to them.
  • Any additional follow-up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.

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