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What is Direct Approval and When Do I Use It?

During a Housing Board meeting, there may be times when proposed housing assignments are clear "matches" and don't require a formal vote.  In this instance, board members can do a show of hands and the Housing Board Organizer will enter the assignment into ATLAS Housing as a Direct Approval.


How to Enter a Direct Approval in ATLAS Housing

The Housing Board Organizer will:

  • Naviage to Board Review > Prepare Voting Set
  • Select Direct Approval from the dropdown
  • Ensure the box next to the Occupant(s) name is checked, then click submit


You will then be redirected to the Assignment - Recommendations page.  If proceeding with a recommendation click the residence, then click Submit Decisions


NOTE:  If Reject All is selected, the occupant will require new recommendations.  An email notification will be sent in order to remind the Housing Board Organizer that the occupant still requires an assignment. 




Click Assign to complete the housing assignment process.  A Warning message will always appear.  If the assignment falls outside the standards laid out in the FAM, a Justification message will also appear where you can input the reasoning behind the assignment and then click continue.



By selecting Ignore, the residence will not be assigned to the employee.  A Warning Message and Justification reason will always appear when ignore is selected.  Input the information and click continue.

An email notification will be sent to remind the Housing Board Organizer that the occupant still requires an assignment. directapprove4.png

Closing the Batch - Finalizing the IAHB's Votes and Approvals

Select Close Batch.  Occupants with Assign statuses are now officially assigned a residence and Occupants with Reject All or Ignore statuses will need new recommendations.


An email notification reminder will be sent to the Housing Board Organizer. 



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