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 Pre-requisites:  Admin Roles


Topics Covered
Safe Contact
Radio Module
Org Charts

Target Users
Directory Administrators
Radio Administrators
Contact List and Org Chart Managers

Required Permissions


Dashboard(Employee Profile)

For employees that have multiple SAFE logins, when editing an Employee Profile and navigating to the Sync tab, Directory Admins can now change the SAFE login linked to the current contact.


Buildings and Sections

When using the card view mode and editing Buildings and Section a new Delete button has been added.

Contact Lists Management

When viewing a contact list under the Organization menu, or when exporting to the Print Templates (PDF), deactivated employees are excluded from the Preview/Export.

When managing a contact list, the deactivated employees are shown in red and flagged as '(deactivated).'  After their name, the ellipsis menu on the right displays a Delete option for all contacts to make it easier to remove them.


Org Charts 

Vacant Nodes

From this release, after selecting a position in the vacant position editor, the Name is now shown as Vacant (#:[Position Number]) and the Title field includes the Position Name/Title.  When an Org Chart node is connected to a position and the correspondent employee departs from their role and their assignment is deactivated from ATLAS Directory, the position they held will also be marked as Vacant (#:[Position Number]) on the Org Chart.  Additionally, if the position has a new occupant the Org Chart node will automatically update with the new employee name.


Detail Options

We have added Employment Type as an option for the Display properties in an Org Chart & Phone Tree.

White has also been added as color option for the cards headers.



Radio Module

Radio Check Report Exports

When viewing the Radio Check Status from the Radio Checks Dashboard, you now have a new action button to export results by including the missing radios from the Radio Check Schedule list of included radios.


Employees Marked as Departed and Still Have an Active Radio Assignment

Departed employees that still have a radio assigned are still showing under the Current list in the Radio/Radio Assignments Menu.  Admins can easily identify them and terminate the radio assignments.


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