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My Profile
Directory Configuration
Radio Module
Manage Contact List

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Directory Administrators
Radio Administrators
  Contacts List Manager

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My Profile (All Employees)

Employees can now set themselves as Out of Town for any upcoming Radio Checks.

Open the My Profile page to enable the Out of Town and select the date range.


Directory Configuration (Administrators Only)


Directory Administrators can now disable preferred users post selection and force the Dashboard to use the default post selection.

The settings can be found under the Directory Administration Menu, Directory Configuration, Customization tab.


Radio Check Email Templates

You can now access the email templates configuration from the Radio Check tab.

It can also be accessed from the Radio Dashboard actions buttons.


Radio Module

Out of Town

Added the ability to set/update multiple radios as Out of Town at once.

To access the option go to the Radio Dashboard, click on the Bulk Out of Town button.

From the next page click to select/unselect the radio assignments you wish to set as Out of Town.  Once completed, click on CREATE ENTRIES.


Radio Check Results Exports

When exporting Radio Check Results from the Radio Dashboard and selected schedule, a new option to export only a list of Out of Town radios has been added.


Radio Check Start Email Templates Configuration

After clicking on the Email Radio Assignee icon and selecting the template you can now edit the latter from the same page.


Contact Lists Management

When editing a Contact List, to make it easier for the admin to read the sorting, we have added an indentation in the confirmation modal for both Sort by Section Order and Sort by Section Name.



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