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Topics Covered
Track Nominations Pending JCAC Action

Target Users
JCAC Chair, Proxy, HR

Required Permissions
JCAC Chair, HR


Track Nominations Pending JCAC Action

OAS has a report which is useful to HR and to the JCAC Chair to view the voting status of nominations assigned to the JCAC. The report is called the JCAC Chair report and it can be found on the JCAC Sign Off Area. The report can be exported to Excel and manipulated as needed by either the JCAC Chair and those assigned the LE Awards Coordinator or HRO roles within OAS. 


How to View the JCAC Chair Report

Under the JCAC Area, click on the JCAC Sign Off link.


If you are assigned as the JCAC Chair for more than one cycle, use the Cycle dropdown menu to choose the correct cycle. 

Once the cycle is correct, click on the Export to Excel button in the upper right corner.

Check your downloads for the Excel document. Open the document and format to fit your needs.

JCAC Chair Report Information

The JCAC Chair Report will contain basic information about the nomination such as the Nomination ID, Award Name, Amount, Nominees and Amount allocated. The report will also include information about the JCAC vote status for each nomination such as the number of approved, disapproved, on hold, recused and nominations with no votes. As the JCAC Chair, HR Awards Coordinator, or HRO you can also view the status of each JCAC member's vote to include who approved, disapproved, recused, placed a nomination on hold or if a JCAC member has not yet voted on a nomination. Each JCAC Chair comment is also included in the report.  These fields can be further filtered in Excel as needed. 

Sample taken from part of a JCAC Chair Report


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