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REA Availability 

Availability of an REA is an important piece of the assignment process.  When a Coordinator is assigning an REA to a position, the REA’s availability can be a deciding factor in whether or not that REA is a good fit for the position. 

REAs can enter any dates that they will be unable to work, such as time off, vacation, appointments, etc., on the Availability page.



Entering Availability

REAs can navigate to the Availability page by clicking Availability from the navigation bar.



To enter dates an REA will be unavailable, click the Add Unavailability button.  Next, enter the Start and End dates, and Reason of the unavailability.  Click Submit to add the unavailability to the calendar. 

NOTE:  Submitting unavailability also flags the unavailable dates if they interfere with the dates of a position request when Coordinators are making assignments.




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