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REA Time Tracking and Generating DS Forms

As an REA, you are responsible for tracking your own hours worked. Time tracking is a vital part of the REA Program and can be done quickly and efficiently within the READY Application.  The system allows REAs to generate the DS-4151 for official time entry submission based on the hours worked during the time period.  They also have the ability to generate the DS-3060 for tracking overtime hours worked during the time period.


Tracking Hours

On the REA Home page, there is an Hours Remaining tracker on the left side of the page. This chart shows you the hours already worked as well as the hours remaining in your 1040 hours total.



Time Entry

On the REA Home page, there is a Time Sheet Entry where REAs can track their regular and overtime hours for every working day.  This section includes the ability to scroll to past logged hours, toggle between assignments if there are multiple active assignments, Save, and Submit your time entry sheet.

Before the time period has come to an end, REAs can log their hours day by day and save their logged hours by clicking the Save button. Once the time period has come to an end and all hours have been logged, REAs can submit their time entry sheet to their Coordinators by clicking Submit and agreeing to the terms. Once hours have been submitted, the hours worked will reflect on the Hours Remaining tracker at the top of their dashboard.



Generating DS Forms

Once a time sheet entry has been submitted, click the View DS Form button to display the page where further action can be taken.



The page displays both the DS-4151 and DS-3060 forms and includes the ability to download, print, or email the forms.  



When the email option is selected, REAs have the ability to enter email addresses that they want to send a copy of the DS form to.  When all email addresses are entered, clicking the Send Email button will forward the DS form to all included email addresses.




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