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Accessing the READY Application

There are two ways that users can gain access to the READY application:

  1.  Visit the READY Registration page by navigating to
  2. Profile creation by a Bureau Coordinator.  


Registration Page 

If the user is an Enterprise ( user with an active Okta account, they will have access to the READY application tile on their Okta dashboard which will take them to the READY registration page where they can register for Post-user permissions.  They can also navigate to and receive the same outcome.  

From here, users will be prompted to enter their first and last name, and email address.  When all information is entered, click Submit

At this time the user will have only Post-level user access, which will allow them to submit new position requests on behalf of post. 



If the user requires REA or Coordinator permissions within the application, an existing Coordinator must navigate to the User Management page to add roles to the user’s profile.  For further instruction on how to add roles to user profiles, please see the following article:  Configurations for READY Bureau Coordinators 


Profile Creation

Another way users can access the READY system is to have Coordinators create a new profile in the system on the Add Employee page.  For further instruction on how to create the new employee accounts, please see the following article:  Creating a New REA Profile 


Once the new employee account has been created, the user can access the system by clicking the READY icon on their Okta dashboard or navigating to  From here, the user will automatically see their dashboard (REA or Coordinator) based on their permissions.



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