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ATLAS Directory has multiple types of Roles.  Each Role has it's own permissions , which determine the various function(s) that Role can perform. 

Directory Administrators

Different elevated permission Roles will allow a manager to access and manage different features across ATLAS Directory.  To add or change the Role of a user, you must already have the Directory Administrator or Permissions Manager Role.  A user may have one or more roles.  Note:  A user with Directory Administrator permissions has all Directory permissions.

Available roles:



AFN Post Representative

The designated AFN Post Representative(USDH) can Approve, Reject, Create and manage AFN Decoders activations requests and inventory.

AFN Read Only

The AFN Read Only can view the AFN Decoders inventory

Building Manager

All users can see the buildings.  A Building Manager can add, edit, and remove Building records from within the Organization menu.

Calendar Manager

The Calendar Manager can manage the local and federal holidays for the post calendar from the Administration menu/Manage Holidays.

Configuration Manager

The Configuration Manager has access to the Directory Configuration and Directory Log menu items of the Administration drop down only.

Contact List Manager

The Contact List Manager enables an Admin to create new and manage existing Contact Lists.

Dashboard Manager

The Dashboard Manager can allow an employee from another post to have access to the Directory dashboard for a post at which they do not have an assignment.

Directory Administrator (highest level of permission)

A Directory Administrator can manage and edit all menu items on the Contacts and Administration menus, as well as Managing Administrators to add new roles.

Directory Contact Manager

The Directory Contact Manager can manage all components of the Contacts menu, including external contacts and locations.

Directory Contact Reader

The Directory Contact Reader can access (but cannot edit) all components of the Contacts menu, including external contacts and locations.

ICASS Administrator

The ICASS Administrator can add and manage ICASS devices.

Key Officers Manager

The Key Officers Manager can add, edit and delete key officers records for the Mission

Org. Chart Manager

The Org. Chart Manager can add, manage, and delete Organizational charts for the Mission.

Permissions Manager

The role of Permissions Manager can add, amend, or remove permissions from the Administration/Manage Administrators menu.

Permissions Reader

The Permissions Reader can see the Administrators table but cannot add, amend, or remove permissions.

Phone Tree Manager

The Phone Tree Manager can add, manage, and delete Phone Trees for the mission.

Position Manager

The Positions Manager can add, amend, and synchronize positions with ATLAS Workflows, from the Administration/Manage Positions menu item. This role can also validate positions that may have changes or conflict with ADS.

Post Profile Manager

The Post Profile Manager can edit the Post Profile information including post Holidays and Closures, post Hours of Operation and Key officers.

Print Template Manager

The Print Template Manager can create new and managing existing templates for the Contact Lists and reporting.

Registration Manager

The Registration is the only role that will receive an email notification of a new registration for the post or mission.

Section Manager

All users can see the Sections but a Section Manager can add, edit and remove Sections records from within the Organization menu.

Radio Admin

The Radio Admin has full access to the entire radio module.

Radio Admin Read Only

The Read Only Radio Admin has access to the entire radio module but cannot make edits.

Radio Assignments

The Radio Assignments role can add and remove assignments but not radio devices.

Radio Check - Add Only

The Radio Check - Add Only role allows those who receive the radio check call (usually MSG Post 1) the bare minimum access to complete a radio check.

Radio Check - Manage

The Radio Check - Manage role allows permissions to edit and delete radio check entries as well as setting out of town radios.

Radio Check - Read Only

The Radio Check - Read Only role allows only viewing of the radio check entries.

Radio Check Events Manager

The Radio Check Events Manager can edit the single occurrence of the radio check series.

Radio Configuration

The Radio Configuration role allows creation of repeaters, zones, groups, and schedules.

Radio Inventory

The Radio Inventory role allows management of radio devices.


See below attachment for complete Admin User Manual. 


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