Deleting Tasks From the Housing Process Follow

    Topics Covered
  • How to delete tasks. 
    Target Users
  • Housing Administrators
    Required Permissions
  • Residence Manager (min)
  • Local Admin

Delete Tasks

Please take into consideration that you are currently able to delete a 'Task' from the housing process, however, you are NOT able to delete 'Events'. The ATLAS Housing Developers Team are working on this future option.


Below 'Configuration', select 'Process Configuration' and click on the process: 'Make Ready', 'Commissioning', 'Decommissioning' you want to make changes in. Within these processes are where you will be able to delete or edit a task. 


Click on the three dots beside the task to be edited. Click 'Edit', a new window will appear that will allow you to 'Update', 'Undo', or 'Delete'.








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