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Bug Fixes- Release 1.10.4

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Local Administrators

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Local Administrators



  • IAHB Direct approval voting- Justification Continue button has been fixed

Continue button option when assigning a property is now more visible for the Housing Board Organizer to complete the assignment and close the batch

  • Make Ready “Edit Page” has been fixed

The Make Ready “Edit Page” is now displaying correct information about Incoming and Outgoing Occupants. to see the changes, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Residence’s menu
  2. Click “Housing Pool”
  3. Once you are on the residence’s profile of the selected house clicking the “view” option for the Make Ready process
  4. This will take you to the Make Ready where you can see details including the name of the outgoing and incoming occupants if available

You can also use the “Overview” menu on the left-hand size of the screen

  • Click “My assigned Tasks”
  • Select a task,
  • Click it and it will take you to the Make Ready or Process edit page of that specific task.

Please see images below

  • Outgoing Occupant for a Make Ready can be corrected to another Occupant

Local administrators will be able to correct the Outgoing Occupant name for a Make Ready

This fix is to show All Occupants within the Residence in the Outgoing Occupant dropdown

On the Occupant History page of the Residence’s profile, you can add the “Move-In” date to display the name of the Outgoing Occupant. To view the outgoing occupant’s name, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Occupant History page
  2. Click “History”
  3. Add the Move-in date
  4. From there, you will be able to see the name of the outgoing occupant on the edit page of the Make Ready (Please see image below).


  • Changed verbiage of Occupation Statuses

Local administrators will notice the word used is “Not Set” this is intended to inform about this missing information that may be affecting the Housing Assignment



  • Hold Warning Preventing Occupation from Saving

“Hold date”: are dates used to mark a specific period during the housing assignment timeline, it could be repair of a rook leak, an electricity issue etc.

Users will be able to save or cancel the occupation after the warning pops-up

  • Hold warning message not popping up when expected

A warning message will pop-up whenever an assignment date overlaps the “hold dates”

  • Access any residence’s profile where you are working assignments and hold dates
  • Click on Occupant History
  • Click on “Add Assignment”
  • Fill out the information requested and once you click on save a warning message will pop-up explaining the information about the Hold in place for your awareness



Atlas Housing Team

Application Development Group (ADG)



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