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Creating and Editing Signatures

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Editing Your ATLAS Firma Profile

Select My Profile


Your Last Name and First Name will auto populate.  However, your Initials, Middle Name, Title, Post, various signature styles, and Favorites can all be edited in the My Profile section.  

To edit your Initials, Middle Name, or Title, simply type the information into the editable space next to the appropriate section.  

Use the dropdown box to edit the Post.


Creating and Editing a Signature

Users can select from five styles of signature, ranging from plain text to initials only.



Adding a Personalized Signature

There are two methods for personalizing signatures:  Create a digital handwritten version or upload an image.  


Uploaded Image

To upload an image, select Uploaded Image With Logo or Uploaded Image Only from the Default Signature dropdown.



The Signature Preview status will display No Signature Image Uploaded

Select the Pencil icon to upload a new signature image.  Select the image from the File Explorer and click Open.

The uploaded image will appear in the photo editor.  Zoom, crop, and edit until the signature is ready for import.  Then, select OK.



The uploaded image can now be seen in the Signature Preview and is ready for use.  

If the signature is not correct or doesn’t look quite right, users can also remove the signature and start over with a new image by selecting the Remove signature icon.  


If a user changes the signature but prefers the previous version, users may select the Cancel Change icon which allows the user to revert back to the previous version.


Handwritten Signature

To manually create a signature, select Handwritten Signature from the Default Signature dropdown.

From here, the digital signature pad will appear to create a handwritten signature.  Once the signature is created, select OK to save the signature.


After selecting OK, the handwritten signature can be viewed in the Signature Preview.  If the signature needs to be recreated, select Capture Again to return to the digital signature pad.


Once the profile is complete and a signature is selected, remember to click on SAVE CHANGES!



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