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Topics Covered
OKTA Account Management
AFN Module
Radio Module
ICASS Inventory

Target Users
Directory Admin
Radio Admin
AFN Admin


New Features

OKTA Account Management

  • Under the Administration Menu, the new item Non Enterprise Accounts, is now available where Directory Administrators can manage non-enterprise OKTA accounts directly from ATLAS Directory.


  • There is an option to search for specific accounts or View All Accounts.


  • There is an option to Edit the selected account.


  • Depending on the account status, options vary from Activate Account, Grant Application Access, Reset Password, Resend Activation Email.


AFN Icon for Global Administrators

  • The AFN Inventory page for Global Administrators can now be accessed via the AFN Icon at the top, right of the page on the Toolbar.


Radio Inventory

  • On the Radio Inventory page, the Serial Number is visible for each radio and the Assign Group column are now available via the Columns list above the table.


  • There is now an option for Administrators to opt out of Out of Town email notifications for specific entries.


ICASS Inventory

  • OpenNet Device and OpenNet Account are now available options in the Category field dropdown menu when creating a new ICASS Countable Device.
  • Weight is now an available field on the Create New ICASS Countable Device page.




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