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Release Notes v1.0

New Feature:

  • Reminder Interval
    • A new feature allows the Post Administrator to set interval alert days.

      • The reminders are set for the following:
        Type Status Trigger
        Outgoing Draft More than (x) days
        Outgoing Published More than (x) days
        Incoming Action Office More than (x) days
        Incoming Published More than (x) days
      • If the interval alert days is set to zero (0), post will not receive alerts.



  • DipNote Status
    • Added DipNote Status in Incoming and Outgoing pages. 

  • Publish And Send By Email
    • If Post Email text field under Admin > Posts is null, Publish And Send By Email button under Outgoing DipNotes is not visible.
  • PDF Viewer
    • Application opens a document viewer when opening attachments.
    • Document viewer allows *.pdf, *.docx, *.png, *.jpg format
    • Users can download the file.
  • File Upload in Distributing Menu
    • Distributors now have the ability to upload attachments when opening a DipNote on their queue.
  • Link Existing Incoming and Outgoing DipNotes After Publishing
    • Under the Incoming or Outgoing DipNote process, users can link existing incoming or outgoing dipnotes.
    • Note:  Only owners can link existing notes (example: Drafters from ISC).
  • Resend Email Notifications After Publishing 
    • PII readers, Info Groups and Action Office will receive an email notification when a user resends the email notification after publishing the note by clicking on the Resend Notification button.
  • Added Warning When Publishing a Note With No Document Attached
    • User will receive a warning if the user has only attached supplemental documents and there are no draft and official DipNote attached and clicks Publish Only. 
  • Set Sections Who Can Send Email
    • Post administrator can set which sections can publish and send notes by email.
    • If Restrict send external emails checkbox is checked, Publish and Send By Email button under Outgoing DipNotes is disabled and not visible to the user.
  • Ability To Replace A DipNote After Publishing
    • Drafter can replace the draft copy of the note and attachments under My Outgoing DipNotes with status PUBLISHED
    • Only section owners can replace the note
  • Customized DipNote Number Format
    • The DipNote number format can be customized with up to 6-digit incremental number and an optional 12-character code.



  • Release v1.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Fixed the problem where all users are displayed even if filtered by Post.

    • Fixed the problem where post administrator sees access requests for all posts in the dashboard.

    • Fixed the typo in the Action Office page.

    • Fixed the typo in the Users page.

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