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Release Notes v1.0.2

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Release Notes v1.0.2

New Features: 

  • Print DipNote page
    • From My Incoming and My Outgoing DipNotes, the application allows the user to print the diplomatic note information page
  • Enforced Adding Draft
    • Added in Post Configuration Enforced Adding Draft wherein when activated, drafters are required to upload a draft copy of the outgoing diplomatic note. Otherwise, they will receive an error message.
  • Revert cancelled diplomatic notes
    • Allows the post administrator to revert or "un-cancel" a cancelled diplomatic note back to its previous state. 
  • Remarks
    • Allows users to provide remarks at any point of the diplomatic note process. 


  • Selecting multiple recipients when sending email
    • Allows the user to add multiple recipients coming from the Contacts menu in the To field.
    • Allows the user to add multiple recipients in the CC field as long as the domain name is ".gov"
  • Add multiple users to a user group
    • Allows the administrator to select and add multiple users to a user group
  • Additional DipNote number format
    • Added DipNote number format XXXX/YYYY


  • Release v1.0.2 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Fixed an issue where user receives a message spillage email from SMART and cannot retrieve an MRN if the note contains "CODEL" in the subject.
    • Fixed the time zone display issue in View History
    • Fixed an issue where a hyphen is appearing at the end of the DipNote number
    • Removed the "Text Here" in the email body when empty
    • Fixed an issue where the application does not accept an earlier date in Send Date when drafting or editing an outgoing diplomatic note


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