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Managing Sections 

Navigate to Administration > Manage Sections.


To configure multiple sections at your post at one time, click the purple Bulk Import button.

Individually click the Sections you’d like to configure for your post.  Upon clicking, they will appear on the right panel of the page.  Alternatively, click the Add Standard Sections button then OK, and a group of common Sections will auto populate in the right panel.

To add additional Sections, click the Section on the Left Panel and it will appear under the Selected Sections panel on the right.

To remove a Section, click the Section on the Right Panel, and it will return to the left side of the page.

To Save the selections, click Save Changes.


Adding Sections Individually

To individually add sections, click the + Create button in the top, right corner of the screen.

Select the Short Code, enter a Description, add Notes about the Section, and if no longer active, toggle the Deactivated button to blue.  Finally, click + Create.  The newly created Section will now appear on the Manage Sections page.


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