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Managing Recipients 

To manage Accounts Receivable Recipients, navigate to Administration > Recipients.


Creating Recipients

To create a new Recipient, click the + Create dropdown button, and select the Type of recipient.

To link a Recipient to an Okta account, click the Magnifying Glass next to the Okta Account field.

In the popup window, type the name of the user and click Search.  Click the name of the correct Okta account, and the User’s information will auto populate in the Recipients - Create New page.

Complete the remaining mandatory fields (those marked with an asterisk).

NOTE:  ATLAS Financials is not currently integrated into ATLAS Profile.  Therefore, this section of the page will appear the same, regardless of Recipient.  Once the integration is complete, we will update this section of the guide. 

Finally, click the green Save Changes button.  The Recipient will now appear on the Recipients page.


Linking Recipients to Their ATLAS Profile

There are two methods to link a Recipient with their ATLAS Profile:

  1. When creating a Recipient, if the Recipient is not automatically linked to their ATLAS Profile (found in Directory), you may link the Recipient by navigating to the Edit Recipient page.  Click the Search in ATLAS Profile link in the ATLAS Profile Integration section.  Once the Recipient has been linked to ATLAS, the Chain Link icon will appear next to the Recipient’s name, along with their Assignment ID.

From the Manage Recipients page, click the Synchronize With ATLAS button in the top, right corner of the page.


Filtering Recipients

Users can filter by Section, Recipient Type, and/or by the Recipient’s Supervisor.  Type the Section or click the dropdown to start filtering.  To undo the selected filter, click the X next to the filter type.

To filter the entries by column, click the Up/Down Arrows next to the column title.

Note:  The Type of Recipient is indicated by either a Building (Vendor), Desk (Desk Employee), or Person (Non-Desk Employee).

Finally, to Search for a specific Recipient, enter the Recipient details in the Search bar, located above the chart.


Updating a Recipient's Information

To edit a Recipient’s information, click the Edit icon in the far right section of the recipient’s row.  Edit the necessary fields and click Save Changes.


Update Log

To view the update history, click the blue Update Log button at the top of the screen.  

This screen displays the Date/User who completed the update, the Operation completed, and the specific Updates made to the Recipient.


Bulk Importing Recipients

To add Recipients in bulk, click the Bulk Import button at the top of the page. 

Next, click Download Template.  Complete the template and save it to your device.  In the application, click Choose File > Select the newly created template from your file finder > Click Open.

NOTE:  When completing the Excel file, if the Recipient is a Non-Desk Employee, type ‘Non-Desk Employee’ in column E.  Otherwise, leave this field blank.

On the Review and Confirm Import Operation page you will find the following markers:

  • Purple Banner:  Indicates the number of Recipients to be imported
  • Yellow Banner:  Indicates the number of Recipients not to be imported
  • Toggles:  Turn toggles on/off to display or update:
    • New Recipients
    • Existing Recipients
    • Records with errors
    • Records without errors
  • Error Message:  Details description listed on the Recipient line item 

To confirm the bulk import, click the Bulk Import X Recipients button, in the bottom right corner of the screen.  The newly added Recipient(s) will now be listed on the Recipients Table.


Enable Mass Updates

The Enable Mass Updates button allows users to change the Supervisor or Synch with ATLAS Profile for more than one Recipient at a time. 

To mass update a Supervisor, click the Enable Mass Updates button > Change Supervisor > toggle to blue any recipients requiring the change, or click the toggle next to the Recipient column to select all.

NOTE:  Vendors do not have Supervisors and can therefore not be updated.

In the pop-up window, type in the search information for the Supervisor to be found in the Okta system .  Click the correct email address associated with the Supervisor.  A pop-up confirmation will appear listing the number or Recipients updated.

To enable mass updates that Sync with ATLAS Profile, click the Enable Mass Updates > Sync with ATLAS Profile button in the top right corner of the screen.

Recipients can be updated all at once, by toggling the top toggle to Blue.

Alternatively, to individually select Recipients to update, flip the toggle to Blue next to the name of each Recipient requiring updates.

Once the update begins, pop-ups of the completed Recipient updates will appear in the top right corner of the screen.  Finally, click OK in the Operation Completed pop-up to complete the update(s).


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