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Managing Post's Agencies 

Agencies must be configured prior to adding Recipients, as Recipients are tied to an ICASS Agency in the ATLAS Financials system.  If an attempt is made to create a Recipient prior to configuring Agencies, the system will display the following error:

To manage Agencies, navigate to Administration > Agencies


Adding Agencies Individually

To add Agencies individually, click the Create button at the top of the page.

Select the ICASS Agency you’d like to add from the dropdown.  

If your post uses a different name than what appears in the dropdown, you may apply an Override Name.  For example, if FAS (Foreign Agricultural Services) is called ‘Foreign Ag’ at your post, you may type that into the Override Name field, and that name will override FAS and will be used throughout the system for your post.


Adding Agencies by Bulk Import

To add multiple Agencies at once, click the Bulk Import button.

On the Bulk Import page, to add an Agency individually, click the Agency on the Left Panel and it will appear under the Selected Agencies panel on the right.

Alternatively, click the Add Standard Agencies button then OK, and a group of common Agencies will auto populate in the right panel.

To remove a Section, click the Section from the Right Panel, and it will return to the left side of the page.

To Save the selections, click Save Changes.


Health Check

To ensure post’s ICASS Agencies are up-to-date, you can apply a ‘Health Check’ to each Agency configured at post.  To do this, click Health Check > select the year > Apply Health Check.  If any adjustments need to be made, those will be listed.  If post’s ICASS agencies are up-to-date, no action is required.


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