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Creating a Single Exchange Rate
Bulk Importing Exchange Rates

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Exchange Rates 

Navigate to Administration > Exchange Rates.

All configured Exchange Rates are listed on this page.  


Creating a Single Exchange Rate

To create a single Exchange Rate, click the + Create button at the top of the page.  

Select the Day, Currency, Post, and type in the Exchange Rate for that day.  Then click Save Changes.

The Exchange Rate will now appear on the main Exchange Rates page.


Bulk Importing Exchange Rates

To configure multiple Exchange Rates at one time, click the purple Bulk Import button.

If you have not already done so, download the Exchange Rates template by clicking the Download Template button at the bottom of the page.

Complete the information in the Excel file and save the file with a descriptive name.  NOTE:  When entering the date, use the format Year-Month-Date.

Return to the Bulk Import page,  select your post from the Post dropdown, choose the file to import, and click Import.

Next, confirm the import details are accurate and click Import X Exchange Rates.

If an error occurs during the import process, a yellow banner will appear indicating the number of Exchange Rate errors.  To only view the Exchange Rates with errors, click the Toggle next to Display only Records with errors.  The error Message is displayed in the table.  When ready, click Import X Exchange Rates.

All newly imported Exchange Rates will now appear on the main page.  To edit or delete an Exchange Rate, click the Edit icon or Ellipses.  


For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing
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