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What are Assignments?

When an officer is posted to a new position, that position is called an Assignment

Navigating to Assignments

First, navigate to the toolbar on the left side of your screen.  NOTE:  Ensure you are in the My Dashboard menu. The icon for that is the house located in toolbar at the top of your screen. 

Workflows Tabs - My Dashboard.png


Note that there are multiple Assignment related tabs in your toolbar, including Assignment Details and Assignment History, located under the My Employee Information section.  

Assignment History is where you can view PastCurrent, and Upcoming Assignments, but you can't manage your assignments here.  For that, you'll need to click on Assignment Details.  You should now be in the Assignment Details menu.

Home Task Bar - Assign Details.png


Managing Assignments

There's a lot to look at in the Assignment Details menu. At the top, you will find your personal information, including your PositionArrival DateDeparture Date, and more; as well as some tabs to help navigate the menu, and each one will reroute you to a different menu.  

NOTE:  To see what each menu does, scroll down to the Employee Profile section of this article.



Below that, nine information boxes are available. These can store details such as temporary housing address and vehicle information.

Each box includes fields for entering specific data, as highlighted by the green boxes seen below.  Click on them to insert the specified data.

Assignment Details.png


Assignment Details' Rerouting Tabs

Employee Profile

This menu is basically a smaller version of the Assignment Details menu. It contains five info boxes and four tabs.  By clicking on any of the four tabs shown below, you can view and edit the contents of any of them.

Employee Profile.png


Assignment Fields

This is where you can view your Assignment Fields assigned to you by Post Admins via Workflows they have created. Click Update to save changes or Cancel to exit.

NOTE:  While your menu may differ slightly, the functionality remains consistent. 

Assignment Fields.png


ENS Information

This is where your contact information is stored.  Click Add Email Address or Add Phone Number to insert your contact information.

My ENS Information.png


Alternate Locations

This is where you list wherever you and your household are likely to visit on a daily basis, specifically workplaces and schools.  Click on the plus sign to add a location.  

NOTE:  This does not include your home address. These are alternate locations for a reason.

Alternate Locations.png


Assignment Log

This is where your Assignment Fields related work history is stored. This data can either be exported into an Excel file, sorted with the Search Bar, or filed through with the Previous/Next tabs. 

Assignment Log.png


Forms Hub

This is where you can view and complete any and all Assignment related Forms that are assigned to you.

Forms Hub.png



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