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Workflows are a powerful tool that can be created and assigned.  Workflows can even have Task Groups with various types of Tasks.  At the end of the day, however, Workflows are made to assign work to other people.  ATLAS Workflows allows for two methods of assigning these.  You can either assign Workflow permissions, or you can assign a Task that's part of a Workflow.


Granting Assigning Permissions

Whenever creating a new Workflow, there are certain permissions that must be granted.  The Employee and the Supervisor must receive permissions.  So too must All Remaining Service ProvidersIndividual Service Providers on the other hand are optional, and can be Added or Deleted at will.  There are three main permissions you can grant.

  • None:  This user cannot edit the workflow.
  • Assign:  This user can assign tasks to other users.
  • Manage:  This user can edit the workflow and assign tasks to other users.

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Assigning a Task

Whenever creating a new Task, there are certain fields that must be filled out, and one of them is the Assigned to field, and this one is a lot more direct than what you can do in the general Workflow Permissions area.  All tasks require an assigned individual, and it is up to you to choose who will complete a certain Task. 

Task Permissions.png


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