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 Pre-requisites:  Special Service Provider permissions are required.  Okta accounts will be created automatically by the system if it is not a state.gov or already registered in Okta.


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To access ATLAS Workflows an Okta account is required.  The Okta account replaces the ADG account (name@departmentofstate.onmicrosoft.com).  Every DOS employee with a State.gov email address already has an Okta account.  For other agencies Okta account are also required and can get created.

Okta Accounts

The new functionality can be used for new users who do not currently have an account or for a current user without an Okta account.  

There are two options where you can verify and create Okta accounts.

Option 1:  Go to the Dashboard menu and scroll down to the Service Providers section, and click New Employee.
In the Search for Employee section, enter the Employee email address and click the Verify Okta button. 
If no Okta account is found, click the Create Okta & Workflows Account button to create a new Okta account. It will redirect you to the New Account Invitation page.
However, if the Okta account already exists, click the Create Workflow Account button. It will redirect you to the New Account Invitation page.

Incomplete Registrations

If a Service Provider attempts to create an account for a user that already has an account in the system and has logged in, but did not complete their registration, then the Service Provider will receive the following prompt:

"An Incomplete Registration with that Email Account exists. Click 'Delete Incomplete Registration' to delete the Registration and create a new Invitation."




If this is the case, the user will need to restart the registration process. The SP should select the button Delete Incomplete Registration. 


The system will remove the incomplete registration for you and send you to the New Account Invitation page so that you can then create a new account for the user. They will then be able to register and login to Atlas Workflows with this new account. 

Note: Please make sure that the user does not already have an account with another government agency so as not to create unnecessary accounts. A personal email can be used but should be a temporary solution until the employee has their official account.


Option 2:  Go to the Dashboard menu and scroll down to For Service Providers and click Manage Logins.
This page shows all the accounts without linked Okta accounts. You may choose which account to verify. You can either search for the Name or select from the list available. Click the Add Okta Account button and it will open the Update Okta Email window.
In the Update Okta Email window, click the Verify/Save button to verify if an Okta account exists for this email account.
If it exists, then no further account is required for Manage Logins and continue to add the existing user in the New Employee section. However, if the Okta account does not exist, click the Create Okta Account button to create the account.
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