v1.7.0 - Release Notes Follow

Released: March 26th 2020

Release Details

Changes after Auctions Close

The following changes have been made:

  1. Expected Amount in reporting should show the sum of highest bids for all lots in an auction. If item(s) sell for less than expected, auction admins should update the Final Price and the Actual Amount line should be the “actual amount” of proceeds received.
  2. When an auction closes, each lot has their status updated to sold if a high bid has been placed.  If no bid has been placed, the unsold items will be carried over to the next auction.
  3. Winners Paid was removed from the reporting.

Timezone Information

To avoid confusion over timezones, the timezone information is now shown on the auction and the lot pages with the user's local time and timezone information to make it clear.

Max Consecutive Bids Reduced

The max consecutive bids by any user has been reduced from five to two.  This is allow for a bidder to make one higher bid than their original, but also to ensure they don't unnecessarily bid up an item.

Min/Max Bid Increase Changes

The settings for Min/Max Bid Increase and Max Number of Bids on the Post Settings is now optional and used as default values for lots within the auction.  The fields have been removed from the Auction Settings, but in the Lot Settings all three fields are available with Min/Max Bid Increase being required.  Max Number of Bids is still optional.

The Payment Length field was also removed from all Post/Auction/Lot Settings pages.

New Checkbox on Registration for Privacy Policy

A new required checkbox has been added to the registration page for accepting the Privacy Policy.  The new Privacy Policy can not be translated due to legal reasons and is available only in English.

Additional Bug Fixes

Release v1.7.0 includes a number of bug fixes reported by the Online Auction community.

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