v1.10 - Release Notes Follow

Released: October 19th, 2021

Release Details

Okta Integration (New Authentication method)

The Online Auction is now integrated with SE-ICAMs Okta, all Post and System Administrators (not users) need to the use Okta Verify application on their smart device to gain access to the Online Auction Control panel. The public home page will NOT require Okta

Search, Sort and Export update on all table/list screens

All list/table screens have a new layout with a more powerful search feature, as well as sorting on all columns for a more flexible layout. All table views also give you the ability to export and print.


It is now easy to search for Asset/Tag numbers within the DS-132 Asset screen


Export User table

There is now the ability to export and download the list of users to better analyze the bidding patterns. This table view also gives you different export formats.


Suspend User & Retract bids systematically

Although the concept of suspending a user is not new, you are now able to suspend a user during a ‘live’ auction and all active/current bids for that user will be systematically retracted from all of the lots they have bid on.

Note: If you suspend a user when there is no live auction, no bids will be retracted systematically but you can still retract bids manually.

When you suspend a user you are required to add a note referencing the reason for the suspension.

Users are now only suspended by post at the post level, where as before the suspension meant that the user was immediately suspended from the application not just the post.

Users can be suspended from the application but this will be done by a system administrator.


Display Lot numbers in the Lot page

The Lot number will now display inside the lot screen as you are editing the lot. This is a system field and cannot be edited. The Lot number will also display on the Winners email so this can be used as a reference for payment purposes.


Formatting in the How it works section

In the Update Post Information section of the Auction Manager dashboard, there are new formatting tools added to the How it works?, How to pay? and How to pickup? The formatting tools will help post present the auction information more clearly and consistently.


Additional Bug Fixes

Release v1.10.0 includes a number of bug fixes reported by the Online Auction community.

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