v1.9.0 - Release Notes Follow

Released: December 15th, 2020

Release Details

ILMS Integration (New Feature)

The Online Auction team has been working with the ILMS team to develop a new integration between the two applications.  After a DS-132 form has been created in ILMS, you will have the option to send the form to Online Auction.  At that point, the assets from ILMS will show up grouped by DS-132 Form in a new List of DS-132s.  These assets can then be added to new lots as they are created for a new auction.  After the auction is closed, Post Administrators can go into the completed auction and enter the DS-132 Results for each asset that was included in a lot in the auction.  The results being sent back to ILMS include whether the asset was sold, when the transaction occurred, and what the final converted price was in US dollars.


Managing DS-132s

Under Auction Management there's now a List of DS-132s to see all of the DS-132s that have been sent from ILMS to Online Auction for that post.  Clicking on Assets will display a list of all assets that were included in that DS-132.  Each asset can be viewed to see the information provided from ILMS, as well as the information that will be sent back to ILMS for that asset.

List of DS-132s


Information for a DS-132 Asset



Adding DS-132 Items to Lots

When creating a new lot or updating an existing lot, you can now select DS-132 assets to be included in the lot.  The list is populated from the available DS-132s that have been sent from ILMS, and any assets not already included in a lot will be available.  It's necessary to add the assets to the lot in order to report back to ILMS on the assets when the auction has closed.

Creating a Lot with DS-132 Assets



Entering the DS-132 Results After Auction

Once the auction has closed, if there were any DS-132 assets attached to lots in the auction, there will now be a status of "Closed - ILMS Entry Ready" for the auction.  There will be a green "Enter" button that goes to a page for entering the auction results for all of the assets in the auction.  Assets will be grouped by the lot they are within, and will have a split final price per asset that is an equal portion of the lot's final price.  For each asset, it will be marked sold if the lot sold, however, it can also be changed to not sold if anything went wrong with the sale.  For sold items, Asset Transaction Date and Asset Final Price (USD) are required.  The conversion rate boxes are optional, but can be used to convert from local currency to USD as all final values going back to ILMS must be in USD.  After all results are entered and the form is submitted, the auction status will be updated to "Closed - ILMS Entry Completed".  At this time, the results can be pulled into ILMS from their interface.

Completed Auction ready for ILMS Results Entry


Entering ILMS DS-132 Results for each asset


Completed Auction with ILMS Results Completed


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