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Pre-requisites: to see all navigation icons you need special permissions 
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This article shows you how to navigate in ATLAS workflows and how to switch between the dashboards. I It also explains the content of the main dashboard.


To navigate we have icons at the top banner. Please find the description for the icons below with the assigned numbers.




1: Menu bar

The Main Menu Bar is available throughout the system and contains the dashboard switches, system notifications, logout and account settings.

2: Default dashboard list at a glance

This dashboard shows you all the information needed without clicking through the left menu.

3: Default dashboard 

Here you can find information about Workflows, Personnel and Positions.

4: Reports

The reports dashboard allows you configure and run reports for your post.

5: Administration

This dashboard shows all the same tools used to create and maintain your workflows, permissions and groups, forms, etc. Everything you need to set up your post.

6: System Management (just appearing for System Admins with permissions)

This dashboard is just for System Managers. You need special permission to see this dashboard.

7: Notifications

This is the place to find your notifications from the application and also from the assigned workflow tasks

8: Profile 

Here you can view and edit your profile information. In the profile dropdown you are able to set your account settings and your delegate users for your account.


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