Understanding Roles Follow

The actions you have in the OAS application depend on your defined roles. If you have any question about your role, please turn to your HR staff at your Mission. Whenever you have an action in OAS for your given role, an email notification will be sent to you.

Nominator creates and submits a nomination. They can save a draft of the nomination for submission at a later date and they can re-write returned nominations. Anybody can be a nominator and nominate anyone for an Award.

LE Staff Supervisor sees nominations submitted for their employees. This is a read-only role, they do not have the ability to approve/disapprove.

USDH Supervisor approves or disapproves nominations for their employees.

HR Awards Coordinator (this can be LE Staff or USDH) administers the awards process.

Finance Analyst(s) enters the fund cite for an approved cash award.

FMO endorses to confirm availability of funds/fund cite.     

Timekeeper receives an email for time off assigned to employees. They can also view a report of time-off awards in the application.

JCAC Members vote to approve, disapprove, or place a nomination on hold. They can also recuse themselves from a vote. This role is used for the annual award process only.

JCAC Chair endorses, votes only to resolve tie. This role is used for the annual award process only.

Exec has final approval/disapproval authority. This role is used for the annual award process only.

Management Officer endorses or rejects an anytime award.

Custom Approver endorses or rejects an anytime award. 

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