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ADG and ILMS are pleased to announce that the Online Auction/ILMS integration changes
have now been released. Both ADG’s Online Auction team and the ILMS team have
released their new components to support this integration.

As An Online Auction Post Admin

After a DS-132 form has been created in ILMS, you now have the option to send the form
to Online Auction. You will conduct your Auction, complete the ILMS information and then
Submit this information ready for ILMS to collect and return the information to ILMS Asset
Management module.

Note:  Please see the ILMS instructions for more details on the changes within ILMS.

The assets from ILMS will be grouped by DS-132 Form and are displayed in a new List of
DS-132s on the Auction Management menu in Online Auction.



Managing DS-132s

Under the Auction Management menu in Online Auction there's now a List of DS-132s.
This displays all of the DS-132s that have been sent from ILMS to Online Auction for that
post. Clicking on Assets button will display a list of all assets that were included in that

List of DS-132s


Information for a DS-132 Asset

Click in View to see the asset information provided from ILMS, as well as the information that will be sent back to ILMS for that asset.



Creating Lots

These assets can then be added to new lots as you Create Lots for a new auction.  

Adding DS-132 Items to Lots

When you create a new lot or update an existing lot, you can now select DS-132 assets to be included in the lot.  The list is populated from the available DS-132s that have been sent from ILMS, and any assets not already included in a lot will be available. 




Once you have prepared your Auction, you need to manually start the Auction as before. The Auction will automatically close once the finish date and time have passed, or you can also use the Close Auction button so force the Auction to Close.



Entering the DS-132 Results After Auction

Once the auction has closed, if there were any DS-132 assets attached to lots in the auction, there will now be a status of Closed - ILMS Entry Ready for the auction in the List Auction menu.  There will be a green Enter button that opens the auction results page for all of the assets in that auction.


Completed Auction Ready for ILMS Results Entry


Click on the Enter button to go to the ILMS DS-132 RESULTS page.

The Assets within the Lots will be grouped under a lot header. Each asset will have a split final price (per asset) that is an equal portion of the lot's final price.  Each asset will be marked as Sold if the lot sold, however, it can also be changed to Not Sold if anything changes with the sale. 


For sold items, the Asset Transaction Date and Asset Final Price (USD) are required.  The conversion rate boxes are optional, but can be used to convert from local currency to USD as all final values going back to ILMS must be in USD. 


Once you complete all the required fields you need to Click the green Submit button at the top or the bottom right side of the page.



Once you Submit the form and all results are entered, the auction status will be updated to Closed - ILMS Entry Completed


Completed Auction with ILMS Results Completed


At this time, the results can be pulled into ILMS from the ILMS interface. 

If you need to make any last minute adjustments you can go to the Edit Auction page and Update DS-132 Results. However, this will only take effect before your run your results in ILMS. 

Note: any changes made in Online Auction after the ILMS process has run will not be reflected in ILMS.



For more information about the ILMS instructions see the ILMS knowledge base

If you have more questions or concerns you can contact:



Related Video:  Submitting to ILMS



For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing
Visit the Global Application Portal (GAP) for the latest news and information on all the ADG's applications.




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