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What Happens When You Select 'Send to OPS'?

When the ‘Send to OPS’ button is selected, OAS will send data directly to OPS.  The general process and actions you must take in OPS are outlined below.  Please refer to the SOP OPS Mass Update Process when following these steps.  As a note, the SOP title for steps 3-5 contains the phrasing 'MBC Performance Reward,' but this section also applies to the Awards process.
  1. For each department ID, OPS will automatically create a mass update group for all individual awards and one mass update for each group award.  The OPS process to create mass update groups runs daily at 6am ET, so there may be a delay of up to 24 hours between the time you select the 'Send to OPS' button and the creation of the group.  You will receive an email upon creation that contains the mass update group ID. If you do not receive the email within 24 hours, please contact
  2. The HR initiator validates the data via the OPS Mass Update Tool.  Refer to page 40 of the OPS SOP.  You won't create a new group, but you can search for the group that was automatically created in step 1 by entering the group ID(s).  You must enter in Remarks and then, you will review and validate (steps 21 and 22).
  3. Provide the group ID to the FMO.  The FMO will follow page 49 to approve the funds for the mass updates.
  4. Provide the group ID to HRO.  The HRO will follow page 50 to approve Awards.  At this point, another OPS job is run daily to apply the mass update changes to the employee job records. 
  5. The HRO creates interface file(s) by following page 52.  The interface files should then be submitted to CGFS for final payment of Awards. 



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