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 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training


Topics Covered
Assign Nominations to a Ceremony

Target Users
Local Staff Awards Coordinators & HROs

Required Permissions
HR Admin Access


How to Assign Nominations to a Ceremony

Once nominations have received Mission approval, you can either assign them to a ceremony or skip a ceremony. The ceremony script can then be printed for the presenter. 



  1. From the HR Area under the home icon, select the Ceremony Assignment link.

  1. A list with all Mission-approved nominations which have not yet been assigned to a ceremony will display. 

  1. To assign nominations to a ceremony, first verify that the Ceremony dropdown shows ‘(Unassigned Nominations)’. Next, select the check box next to the ID column to identify nominations to be assigned.

  1. Click the Assign Ceremony button at the top of the nomination list.

  1. A pop up window will appear, use the drop down menu to select the Ceremony to which you are assigning the nominations. Then click on the Assign Ceremony button to finalize the assignment. The number of nominations assigned will be displayed.

  1. To view or remove nominations which have already been assigned to a ceremony, you will select the Ceremony at the top of the nomination. This will generate the list of all nominations assigned to a particular ceremony. To remove, unselect the checkbox in the ID column of all nominations to skip during the ceremony.

  1. Select the Assign Ceremony button at the top of the nomination. This will generate a pop up window. 

  1. Select the ceremony which the nomination is assigned, then click the Skip Ceremony button to have the nominations removed from the ceremony script. The number of nominations to be processed will appear in the pop up window.

  1. To generate the ceremony script select the Ceremony dropdown menu, then select the awards cycle.

  1. Once the Ceremony is selected, a form will populate all the nominations assigned to this ceremony. If all nominations on this list should be included in the ceremony script, select Generate Ceremony Script.

  1. This list can be filtered by Anytime or Annual awards (if Anytime awards were assigned to an awards cycle).  It is possible to further filter the list by manually selecting the nominations included in the ceremony script by selecting the check box next to the ID column.

  1. The ceremony script will be generated and downloaded with the ceremony title.


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