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 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training


Topics Covered
Send Award Info to OPS for Processing

Target Users
Local Staff Awards Coordinators & HRO

Required Permissions
HR Admin Access


Send Award Information to OPS for Processing

After a nomination with a cash value greater than zero has received all Mission approvals, the nomination will appear in the Send to OPS queue. 


  1. Under the HR Area on the menu tab, click on the Send to OPS link.

  1. A list of all nominations pending OPS submission will appear. The State column will list one of two statuses: Pending Effective Date for nominations requiring an effective date assignment; and Pending Sending Data to OPS for nominations with an effective date assigned that are ready for OPS submission. .

  1. You must select the nominations to be sent to OPS. Use the check boxes on the left to select specific nominations. Or select the check box next to the ID column to select all nominations.

  1. There are three action buttons at the top of the screen, Assign Effective Date, Exclude from Send to OPS, and Send to OPS

  1. Selecting Exclude from Send to OPS will not send the nomination data to OPS for processing. If this is an individual anytime award, it may be best to process manually in OPS, not within the mass update process. Once this action is taken, the nomination will be moved from the Send to OPS queue to the Completed queue and you will have to enter this nomination manually into OPS.


  1. There are two ways to assign the effective date of the nominations. Either select multiple nominations using the check box next to the ID column, the unique name in the ID column, or the individual nominations in the State column.

  1. To assign an effective date to multiple nominations, check the boxes next to the nominations to be processed. Then click the Assign Effective Date button which will generate a pop up window requiring HR to input the effective date using the calendar function. The calendar will only allow an effective date of the first Sunday of the pay period. Click Assign Date once the effective date is selected.

  1. To select an individual nomination, either use the check box next to the ID column (same as above except only one nomination is selected) or click on the Pending Effective Date in the State column or the unique ID in the ID column to open the nomination.

  1. Opening the nomination will generate action buttons at the bottom of the page. 

  • Add Effective Date: Select an effective date on the first Sunday of the pay period using the pop up calendar.
  • Return to HR: Returns the nomination to the HR Pending queue.
  • Exclude from Send to OPS: Removes the nomination from the Effective Date Pending queue. You will have to then enter the award manually directly into OPS.
  • Close/Cancel: Allows you to back out of the nomination without making any changes.

Notes: Once an effective date has been selected, the status will change to Pending Sending Data to OPS. At this point the nomination can be sent to OPS. A mass update group will be created in OPS for each group award. All individual awards will be in a separate mass update group.


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