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Release Notes v1.2.0

New Features:

  • Requesting EFM Access
    • New feature that allows all users (Enterprise and Non-Enterprise) to request EFM access under the Welkom Center/Home page.


    • Added a validation rule that verifies if the account is active and has access to the application.

      • If not active, added a warning message and cannot submit a request.

  • New Site Access Area for Approving Access Requests
    • Post Administrators with the new Access Request Manager permission can approve access requests for EFMs, including creating new Okta accounts for users without a current Okta account using personal email addresses.
  • Photo Albums
    • New feature that allows users to create a Photo Album to share event photos.


    • Photo Album created is displayed on the home page.


  • Events
    • Added a Publish Date field to the Create New Event and Edit Event page.  The Publish Date determines when the event is visible in the home page.

    • By default, the event will be displayed four weeks before it begins.


  • Topics
    • Added a Links field to the Create New Topics and Edit Topics page.

    • Related Links are now included to the Topics page.



  • Release v1.2.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Fixed the wrong header title when adding a user.

    • Fixed the validation error message when uploading an album.

  • Any additional follow-up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.


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