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Release Notes v1.4.0

New Feature:

  • Generate QR Code
    • On the Tips page, a new feature allows users to generate a QR code that can be shared with everyone. This feature enables users to scan or download the QR code, which contains a link to view a specific tip.

  • New System Administration page 
    • A new feature allows the System Administrator to view all administrators, view actual permissions, and edit permissions.

  • Impersonation Feature 
    • Impersonate Role and Impersonate Admin features have been added to the Sites page from the System Administration menu.


  • Newsletters
    • Added a Visitor Counter column to the Newsletters page.

  • Events
    • Users can now insert a link in the Description field of an event.
      • There are three ways to do this:
        • Use the Link icon button to insert a link.
        • Type and select the text, and insert the link using the Link icon button.
        • Paste a copied link directly and hit enter or the spacebar.

    • Ability to add pictures to the Create New Event and Edit Event page.

    • Added a Comment field to the Event Signup page.

    • Added an Age Group dropdown field to the Event Signup page.

    • Added a Copy Event button to the Events page.
      • Users can copy the event from the previous events and simply update the information for the new event. 


  • Release v1.4.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Upgraded the Welkom Center application to .NET 8

    • On the Event Signup page, a notification message confirming the registration was successfully submitted was added.

    • Fixed the table format issue if there are multiple topics.

    • Removed the email address restriction for unique event attendees. 

    • Removed the HTML <p> tag in the Events Details page.
  • Any additional follow-up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.

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