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Release Notes v1.3.0

New Feature:

  • Okta Account Management
    • A new feature allows the Access Request Manager to approve an Okta account to be reactivated, unsuspended, or to unlock the account and reset the password based on the Okta Account Status in the EFM Access Request page.


  • Events
    • Added an alert message whether or not you successfully add an attendee.

  • Topics
    • Added a Visitor Counter column to the Topics page.

  • Access Request
    • Added a warning message when approving a duplicate account request.
      • If the person submits an access request as an end user and their Okta account is active, already created, and a member of the Welkom Center group, their request will be rejected.

      • If it was submitted by an administrator and if the Okta account is both active and a member of the Welkom Center group, the request will be rejected.

    • Added a Reason field when access request is rejected.
      • If an access request is rejected, it allows the Access Request Manager to provide an explanation of the reasons for rejecting an access request. The requestor will then receive an email with the explanation.

    • Added a short description to the Okta Account Status field in the EFM Access Request page.

  • Photo Album
    • Photos are organized when viewed inside a Photo Album.

    • Added a Delete function in the Photo Albums page.

  • Administrators
    • System and Post Administrators now have a Roles Documentations button at the Manage Administrators page linking to the Permissions Levels and Roles in ATLAS Welkom Center article.

  • Newsletters
    • On the home page, it now displays the three (3) most recent newsletters and the section to which each one belongs.

  • Site
    • Added a Visitor Counter field in the Site page.


  • Release v1.3.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Changed the color of the Welkom Center logo.

    • Fixed the error when deleting a user.  The Delete button has been removed and users can no longer be deleted.

    • Removed blank cell from all the Links dropdown.

    • Fixed the typo on the Request EFM Access page.

    • Fixed the Email Address text alignment on the No Access page.

    • Fixed the problem where double clicking the Save button on the Photo Album page would create duplicate albums.

    • Fixed the error when adding Scoped Roles.

    • Fixed the missing warning message on the EFM Access Request page when approving or rejecting a request.
    • Fixed the duplicate warning message box when approving a request.
  • Any additional follow-up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.

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