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 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training 


Topics Covered
  HR Review of Nominations

Target Users
Local Staff Awards Coordinator

Required Permissions
HR Admin Access


HR Review of Submitted Nominations

Pending Review contains all the nominations which are pending action for HR. This is the worklist for HR, you can always take action when nominations are in Pending Review. You will need to conduct your HR technical review for each nomination when nominations are in the Pending Review status. In this status you can make changes, assign to a cycle or to Anytime and Management approvers, assign cash award amounts, save for later or return to the nominator for edits. When nominations are returned by the JCAC Chair or EXEC, they will appear in  Pending Review for your action. These nominations will have an nomination ID already assigned and a half circle with an arrow to indicate the nomination is being returned to HR. At first glance, HR can identify nominations which have been returned or if they are appearing for the first time to Pending Review by looking at the Nomination ID column, those without an ID are new, those with are returned.


Pending Review:

  1. Go to the left hand menu options under HR Area.
  2.  Click the Pending Review tab to generate a list of all nominations submitted to HR.


Example of unfiltered Pending Review list


Filter Nominations:

When Pending Review is selected, all the nominations will appear in this queue. To reduce the amount of awards shown at once, you can filter the list by the awards cycle and/or by anytime or annual awards. 


To filter by the awards cycle, click the Cycle dropdown menu and select the applicable awards cycle. Note that when filtering by cycle, you can only select one cycle. The list can also be filtered in two categories of award types, Anytime or Annual awards. You can select only one of the buttons in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Choose All to view all types of awards, Anytime or Annual. It is important to note that you can filter lists by Cycle and Anytime or Annual awards simultaneously.

View Nominations:

To view a nomination, click on the Pending HR Review button in any row on the list. Each pending nomination will have this button available. 

Modify Nominations:

Once the nomination has been opened, you can make changes to the submitted nomination. You will not be able to change the Nominator information.

You can edit the submitted nomination from this screen. You will be able to change the reason and type of award, view the history of an employee, edit an employee’s job title, remove an employee, and edit justification/citation. You must specify the cycle for annual nominations and enter a recommended amount for cash or time off awards. You can modify all the highlighted fields as shown below.


Reason and Type:

To change the Reason and Type of award, click one of the links directly under the  header. A pop-up box will appear and from this screen a new reason and type of award can be selected. 

You can choose one or more Reason for Award and then choose the Type of Award Recommended. Once the selections are made click, Ok. (Note: if Other is selected as the Reason for Award, a mandatory comment box will appear and must be filled out to proceed).


Remove Nominee:

You may find a reason that a nominee is ineligible for an award and needs to be removed from the nomination. It is possible for you to remove one or more nominees from a group nomination. Click the red icon on the right side of the nomination under the Action column. Once this icon is clicked, the nominee is permanently removed from the nomination. 


Nominee History:

When conducting your technical review, you can review the previous awards per nominee by clicking on the three lines. Keep in mind there is no previous data source to populate the nominee history, therefore the nominee history will begin to build once your post deploys the application and you go through your fist cycle.

This will open a list of the nominee's award history and provide more information about the nominee. To view the nomination form for one of the awards listed, click on the printer icon.

Modify Justification and/or Citation:

You can modify or add text to the justification and citation as needed. This can be done once the nomination is opened from the Pending HR Review tab under the HR Area.


Action Buttons:

You can move the nomination from the Pending HR queue by using the action buttons located at the bottom of the nomination.  



After reviewing the nomination you will be able to route the nomination using the following action buttons. The action buttons which appear will depend on the type of nomination being reviewed. 

Annual award buttons:

Anytime award buttons:

  • Send to JCAC: Routes the annual nomination to the JCAC for their action.
  • Select Approvers: Routes the anytime nomination to the selected approvers.
  • Save: Allows HR to save their changes and come back to the nomination at a later time. The nomination will remain in the HR Pending Review queue until further action is taken by HR.
  • Request Rewrite: Routes the nomination back to the nominator for edits. 
  • Reject and Archive: HR can reject this nomination and archive it. This stops the process for the nomination and it is routed to the Disapproved queue.
  • Close/Cancel: Closes the nomination without saving any changes. The nomination remains in the HR Pending Review queue.
  • Notes: The approval process for Anytime awards is different from Annual awards. Anytime awards do not have to be assigned to an awards cycle nor do they have to be routed through a JCAC for approval. Specific approvers are identified to expedite the process of Anytime award approval.
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