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 Pre-requisites:  Creating a New Activation Request


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Creating a New Activation Request 

Click on the New Activation button from the AFN Decoders page to create a new record.


The next step is to select the Employee.  Then, use the search fields on the top of the page to quickly find the employee record.  Select Search.


Once you have selected the employee, enter all the information required on the next page. 

Note: Some fields are mandatory, so you won’t be able to submit the activation if these fields are not completed.

Please note that you can Pre-Approve the request, by selecting Approved from the Activation Status dropdown in the Activation Status field.  This will only send a notification to the Employee.  (For requests submitted by Employees the notification will also be sent to the AFN Activation Managers.)


Remember to Save!

Once saved, the record will be added to the AFN Decoders Inventory page.


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For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing
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