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Expiring AFN Activations

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Expiring AFN Activations

A month before the activation expiration date, an automatic email notification will be sent to the user.



Follow the link in the notification email to renew the decoder activation or go to your My AFN Decoders list, and click on the ellipsis on the right side of the item that you wish to renew.


Finally, complete all the steps to send the new approval requests to the AFN Representatives for your organization.

Expiring AFN Activations managed by AFN Posts Representatives

Note that as AFN Representatives you have the ability to renew the decoder activation request prior to the expiring date, if you try to renew it and it's still in the Approved status, the system won't allow it.

The system has been designated not to update the expiring date for an existing record that hasn't actually expired. To get a new date before the expiring date, try to follow this steps:

  1. From the AFN Decoders inventory page, select the record, set it to "Expired" (ellipsis, Deactivate)
  2. Save
  3. Go back to the record, select the ellipsis and Renew the activation, by default the it will be set as Pending (but as AFN Representative you can set it directly to Approved)
  4. Complete the steps, Approve, Complete Activation on the AFN Website etc.
  5. Check that the clock has been set for another year


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