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What Is A Multi-Role Post?
What Is A Single-Role Post?

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The size of every post is different:  Some posts require more people and security groups to process a diplomatic note, whereas others only have one office assigned to Receive, Review, and Take Action on the diplomatic notes.  That's why ADG designed the DipNotes application to be flexible and scalable.


What is a Multi-Role Post?

Multi-role posts are typically bigger embassies and consulates that have different offices assigned as Receiver (i.e. Mailroom), Distributor (i.e. Protocol), and Action Office.


What is a Single-Role Post?

Single-role posts are typically small embassies or consulates that have only one office assigned to Receive, Review, and Take Action on the diplomatic notes.  When the post administrator configures a post as a single-role post, multiple functionalities of receiving, distributing and action office are condensed into just one role.  That means, there are no additional user roles needed and fewer pages are accessed.

Once configured, the Action Office role is automatically created and this role is assigned to receive, review, and take further action on the diplomatic note.  


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