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What is a Watchlist? 

ATLAS Firma's Watchlist contains the list of Watchers who are able to track the progress of a form throughout the lifecycle of the signature workflow.   Watchers can also share it with other Okta users, giving them the authority to act as the form's "Co-Owner" and do anything the Owner of the form can do.  The form can be shared with other users as an Owner, Signer, or Viewer by Owners.



Adding a Watcher to the Watchlist


Option 1

Watchers can be added when creating a form’s signature workflow.  To do this, lick Add Form > select the form to upload > Under Watch List, click the (+) icon.


Option 2

Rerouting a signature gives the owner of the form the ability to change the assignee/s of a certain step. This will also send an email notifying of the change. Both the Form Owner and the currently assigned users have access to this. 

To reroute a step in the workflow, navigate to the Ellipses > Reroute Current Step > + Add Employees.



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