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The GoMBC Release 20221017 contains the changes below. 

Category Summary
Appeals Appeals Initiation - Appeal no longer initiated in the EPR, new icon available from the Employee's Current Documents view (SOP)
Appeals Appeals Reviewer received an error when approving/disapproving appeals
Appeals Employee comment is now required when an appeal is escalated to the next level supervisor. Also corrected text to employee when escalating to appeal reviewer
AWP MYD comment box now correctly shows that comments will appear in section 8 of the JF-50D
AWP/EPR Status Change AWP/EPRs can now be changed to any status (previous or future)
Dashboard Cancelled Appeal remained in Mission Admin Dashboard counts
Employee Data on EPR If new employee data (ex. grade, position title) is changed after the end of the rating period and the EPR is not yet finalized, the original data will be retained in the EPR
EPR Finalized EPR was visible to the new rating supervisor
Help Help button disabled for anyone that does not have Mission/Post Admin/Manager roles; Help link added in left menu for all users that launches articles
Interim EPR-MYD The MYD is no longer required for EPRs < 120 days
JF-50D Form JF-50D form was not visible when supervisor is removed
Manage Employees Search Parameters in Manage Employees are now retained when editing employee records
Manage Employees Ability for HR admins to remove the archival flag on employees
Notifications For EPR < 120 days, HR will receive a warning notification to provide feedback to employees upon finalization, also employees receive email
PIP Internal PIP comments were visible by the Employee in Status History
RCA Add RCA link from GoMBC for pool supervsiors
RCA Reward salary increases disabled for employees on saved rate and frozen rate statuses, lump sum payment required
RCA On the final RCA output screen, the 'Clear All Data' button is now available prior to OPS submission
RCA EPRs < 120 days are now excluded from EPR import into RCA
RCA Corrected download of all data from RCA Verify Output screen
RCA Changes to the Pool Supervisor Approval Form (pdf form available from RCA: Verify Output screen) to include column header changes and corrected value in MBC reward
RCA In the RCA Mission Profile, made Calculation Dates editable
RCA Automatically update Pool Approver in RCA when Pool Supervisor is changed in GoMBC and synced, second step in RCA no longer required
RCA SPER simulation within RCA
RCA When pool supervisors are updated in GoMBC and synced, the Calculation Approver in RCA is updated if the pool supervisor has not yet approved. In the past, this required recall of all approvals


General Review Report updated to allow direct upload to RCA (previously manipulation was required)
Reports In the General Review Report, EPRs < 120 days showed 0 TPS
Transfer Employees Employees added to a rating supervisor from Transfer Employees screen did not show until the page was reloaded
Transfer Employees Error message received when attempting to access Transfer Employees if supervisors were archived
Transfer Employees Post Manager role received error on Transfer Employees screen
USAID Mission Profile USAID Probationary Period Duration was not copied upon Mission Creation
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