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Release Notes 20230622

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GoMBC Release Notes 20230622

GoMBC Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • An email is now sent to the rating supervisor if the employee enters comments when acknowledging the EPR. 
  • When the EPR is returned by the reviewing supervisor, pool supervisor, or HR, the comments and return action are no longer visible to the employee in Status History.  These comments and actions remain visible to all supervisory levels and HR.  
  • An indicator was incorrectly given to rating supervisors if an employee had an interim AWP that was less than 120 days.  The application was incorrectly viewing these interim AWPs as a scored rating with 0 points, giving the rating supervisors an incorrect indicator that the employee required a PIP.
  • When an appeal is disapproved by either the rating or reviewing supervisor, the employee must decide if they will escalate the appeal to the pool supervisor or cancel it.  However, there was no dashboard icon for the employee indicating a pending action.
  • On the Manage Employees screen, the search and sorting was not retained after updating an employee. 
  • When the rating and reviewing supervisor are the same person, the EPR correctly skipped the reviewing supervisor state, but an email was incorrectly sent to the rating/reviewing supervisor.

RCA (Reward Calculation Application) Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • The CGFS Download will now contain two files:  the original upload and another including any manually added employees.
  • On the Verify and Correct Import screen, a status over 90% was previously not returned when the CGFS data was matched with the EPR data.
  • The Popup for adding an additional T&A code for an employee was not fully visible on the EmployeeTnA screen. 
  • The pool of the employee's last rated EPR for the performance period will now be used for pool grouping and calculations instead of the pool of the first rated EPR. 
  • If a pool supervisor selected the Download All option from the Calculations screen, they were able to download all calculations for the Mission.  They can now only download calculations for their pools. 
  • Pool Supervisor digital approval was not saved for all pools.
  • SPER simulations failed when extra spaces existed in pool names. The application attempted to correct the pool name and the pool could not be found. 
  • Pools can no longer be added when calculations are locked.  Additional pools were being considered prior to tier 2 approval, but did not exist for tier 1 approval.  This caused processing to stop as tier 2 approval was not available.
  • From the EPR Import screen, an EPR can be added manually.  There was reference to the pay periods on this screen, but since the EPRs are only tied to calendar days, this has been removed.
  • An Internal Error was given in Calculations when the last day of the rating period was not covered.
  • The BudgetPercentageTotal in Calculation download was an incorrect value.  The correct value of the pool budget is now displayed.
  • Unrounded values were included in memo letters to employees.
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