GoMBC Release 20220819 Follow

The GoMBC Release 20220819 contains the changes below. 

Category Summary
PIP PIP Creation Comment by rating supervisor is now internal, no longer displayed on JF-50B
PIP HR approval/disapproval comment for PIP is now internal
PIP Rating Supervisor comment when releasing PIP to employee - removed
PIP PIP: New Employee comment logic
PIP PIP: Extension displayed incorrectly
PIP PIP: Acknowledge on behalf appears incorrectly
PIP PIP: Convert HR comment to internal
PIP PIP: Remove RS comment option after HR approval
PIP PIP: Remove Employee comment option after extension
PIP PIP: Extension working days
PIP PIP: Finalize Unsuccessfully
PIP PIP:Finalize Unsuccessfully without review
PIP PIP: RS Comment on finalization
PIP PIP:Comment box internal/external indicator
OPS Feed Salary Currency Not Saved from OPS Feed
PIP PIP: Remove check-in feature
PIP PIP: Change Rater to Rating Supervisor
PIP PIP: Data showed in section 6a instead of 5
PIP PIP: Comment disappears
PIP PIP: JF-50B checkboxes incorrectly selected
PIP PIP: Incorrect Supervisor Dashboard Count
AWP Rating Supervisor - performance notes
PIP PIP: RS can take action on previously entered employee comment
System Admin Tools Add Post to System Admin - Failed Imports
EPR RS checkbox - additional functionality
RCA RCA: Default Right Dropdown to 'Manage Pools' for Pool Supervisors
RCA RCA: Improve Progress Bar for Verify & Correct
RCA RCA: Pool Supervisor Calculation Screen Dropdown Only Include Supervised Pools
RCA RCA: Remove Digital Approval and Rename Mixed Approval to Digital Approval
RCA RCA: Remove Performance Period Dropdown
RCA RCA: Change to Manage Drop down
RCA RCA: Hide Top Status Bar for Pool Supervisors
Admin Tools Add UI message when editing document performance type/period


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