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Release Notes 20240215

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GoMBC/RCA Release Notes 20240215

  • Mass Update of Base Salaries - Many Missions will process wage increases between the end of the performance period and the reward submission to CGFS. RCA now allows HR Admins to adjust the base salary in a mass action. To complete this, the following steps must occur.
    • Step 1: Wage increases are processed in OPS. This can happen in line with the RCA process, but wage increases must be processed before the calculations are sent to pool approvers. 
    • Step 2: The salary scale is updated in the Mission Profile in RCA. Select the Salary Plans tab, edit the salary scale, and update the Min and Max values. 
    • Step 3: Run the calculations. On the calculations screen, a new button 'Adjust Base Salaries' will pull the salaries received from OPS into RCA.
      The reward will be calculated based on the salary at the end of the performance plan, which comes from the CGFS-provided MBC Report. The reward will then be applied to the latest salary retrieved from OPS in step 3 or provided as a lump sum if the max value for the grade and pay plan is reached. The HR admin will be able to view the adjusted base salary when expanding the calculations. 
  • Lump Sum Removal Bug - When a lump sum was added and then removed, the lump sum value remained. The employee received the temporary lump sum as both a lump sum and a salary increase. This has been corrected.
  • Date-Picker Bug in RCA Mission Profile - The pay periods displayed next to the dates in the Mission Profile and within the date-picker were incorrect for Missions in certain time zones. This has been corrected.
  • Simplified Individual Memos - Previously, there were two individual memos for Missions with the lump sum option. To simplify the memos and clarify the content, there is now one lump sum option template. Missions without the lump sum will continue to have one template. Personalized and localized templates can still be provided in the Mission Profile. 
  • Appeal Comment Visibility - Previously, the comments for appeals were not visible to anyone after they were entered. They will now be displayed in the appeal Status History to everyone in the appeal process, including the employee. 
  • Removal of Comment Box - When an employee acknowledges the EPR and adds a comment, the EPR is routed to the rating supervisor before HR finalization so the rater can review the comments. Previously, there was a comment box for the rater, but this box was not recorded anywhere and did not get sent back to the employee. Due to this, it was decided that the comments for the rater should be removed. 
  • ADG Logging for RCA - Standardized logging added to all ADG applications that will record information about each action in RCA per ISSO standards. This is a change behind the scenes and will not affect users or the user interface.
  • Upgrade to .NET 8 - The version of .NET for GoMBC was upgraded to version 8. This is a change behind the scenes and will not affect users or the user interface.


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