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GoMBC & RCA Release Notes


GoMBC Performance Side Changes

  • Vertical scrolling was removed from all grids in GoMBC, the paging at the bottom will remain.  
  • Corrected an Incorrect TPS occasionally listed in Supervisor's 'My Employees' view.  
  • Fixed bug: When the reviewing and rating supervisor were the same, the supervisor was incorrectly receiving an action email when the EPR was endorsed.

Reward Calculation Application (RCA) Changes

  • In the calculation details, the number of decimals displayed was changed to 2 (0.00) for all fields.  
  • In the calculation details, rounded, whole values are now displayed for TPS, salary, and reward.  
  • A Total Eligible Hours Column was added to the CGFS Import screen. This will calculate the number of eligible hours based on the T&A codes reported for the employee and whether the T&A codes are flagged as duty.  If a T&A code is excluded within a pay period, the regular duty hours will adjust to incorporate excluded hours. If a pay period is excluded, the total eligible hours for the employee, will be adjusted.  
  • When manually adding an EPR, the application previously allowed EPRs outside of the performance period.  
  • Corrected misaligned screens when items (Pools, Posts, Reviews) were deleted.  
  • RCA now allows for multiple consecutive conditions to be considered when calculating an employee's reward.  
  • Corrected bug with Fixed TPS calculation.  
  • On the Mission Profile, T&A screen, sort sequence is no longer needed when added or edited. Sorting of T&A codes is now alphabetical.  
  • In the Mission Profile, the pay period indicators were removed for the rating period start and end date, as rating period dates are not tied to pay periods.
  • On the edit conditions screen, the condition summary was updated to reflect the time period where the condition started.  
  • Corrected bug that prevented the CGFS Import with the Reward Calculation Mission Admin role.  
  • Increased timeout on the CGFS import screen.  


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