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The GoMBC Release 20230106 contains the changes below. 

Category Summary
AWP < 120 days Changes to AWP less than 120 days: 1.MYD not required; 2.Button after AWP acknowledged now reads 'Close Out AWP'
Manage Pools Corrected bug that prevented pool addition for USAID Missions
Probationary Period Probationary period report incorrectly showed completed probationary periods only
Probationary Period Corrected error when taking action on probationary period request
Probationary Period Rating Supervisor incorrectly received extension reject message upon extension request
Probationary Period Probationary Period extension time restriction removed
Probationary Period Allow the Rating Supervisor to certify the probationary period at any status
User Registration For user registration, posts are now listed alphabetically
RCA Implement calculation changes according to the new MBC Calculation policy (effective Jan 1, 2023)


Deduct the period that an employee receives TPS less than 100 if another TPS greater than 100 exists for the performance period
RCA Corrected bug that caused an employee not to receive a reward when a Fixed TPS condition reduced score under 100
RCA In employee TPS calculation, corrected date range for gaps when interim reviews exist
RCA The budget for ineligible employee (TPS less than 100) is now added to the pool budget
RCA Corrected bug for new employees that considered time before entry on duty in calculating employee TPS
RCA SPER Simulation modified to implement calculation changes according to the new MBC Calculation policy 
RCA When importing/uploading EPR data, the validation now verifies that days do not overlap. Previously pay periods could not overlap
RCA Added ability to remove departed employees from the OPS submission
RCA Downloadable Excel files containing the calculations now reflect the new calculation policy details
RCA Changes to fixed TPS proration in accordance with new calculation policy
RCA Defined a T&A start date for employees for calculation purposes
RCA EPR data is no longer tied to pay periods. Allowing import without modification of dates
RCA Removed RCA Custom Roles
RCA Mission Profile conditions with values over 999 were not correctly saved
RCA Proceed to approval was incorrectly allowed when errors existed
RCA In Mission Profile settings, the salary scale view was removed. Edit, add, and delete remain.
RCA Added Failed RCA Transactions screen in GoMBC. After RCA submission to OPS, if any failures are received, they will be listed here.
RCA Corrected bug that threw errors on multiple EPRs if an EPR was added or edited after the matching process
RCA In Calculation grid, aTPS with time proration is added


Allow for SPER value to be entered when calculations are locked


Corrected error when attempting to access Audit log in RCA


Multiple consecutive conditions caused calculation error
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