Use Awards Type Setting to Activate, Deactivate, Create and Edit Awards Follow


 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training 


Topics Covered
Award Settings

Target Users
Local Staff Awards Coordinator and HRO

Required Permissions
  HR Admin Access


How to Create Settings for Each Award type

In the Award Type Settings, you can define the settings for every award type to include activating award types for  an award cycle, archiving award types, recalling archived award types, determining the form of recognition per award and allocating minimum and maximum cash values and time off.



  1. From the left hand menu, go to the Mission Admin Area and select the Awards Settings link.

  1. A list will populate with all the award types used by the Mission. The list can be filtered by Cycle and Anytime or Annual award. New awards can be added from here as well (Mission Specific Awards).

  1. To edit an existing award type, click the Edit icon under the Action column. Archived award types will be greyed out, however they can be reactivated using the Edit icon under the Action column. 

  1. In the popup window you can  define the criteria for the existing award type.

  1. Select the toggle to choose if this award is Active or Archived.
  2. Use the dropdown menu to choose the Form of Recognition: Cash Only, Time Off Only, Certificate Only, or Cash or Time Off.
  3. If applicable, enter the value for the Minimum Cash and Maximum Cash award limits.
  4. If applicable, enter the number of hours for the Minimum Time Off and Maximum Time Off limits.
  5. Click Save once all the fields have been completed.


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