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HR Assign a Proxy

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HR Admin

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Human Resource Officer


HR Assign a Proxy 

A proxy can be assigned for employees with EXEC or JCAC chair roles. The proxy can take any action on behalf of the proxied employee.  An employee with proxy roles can serve as a proxy for multiple EXECs/JCAC chairs, but each EXEC/JCAC chair can only have one proxy. Those with EXEC or JCAC roles can assign and remove proxies themselves or the HROs at post can assign and remove the proxies. 

This article describes the HRO actions for adding the proxy.  Before assigning the proxy role, the HRO is responsible for ensuring any user given proxy access has the appropriate clearance to act as the proxy. 


Step One:  Select Assign Proxy Special

On the left menu, scroll down to the Mission Admin Area, then click the Assign Proxy Special link. 


Step Two:  Select User to Give Their Proxy to Another User

In the Assign Proxy by Mission form, type a name in the top box titled Assigned User. This is where you will enter the name of the employee who has the EXEC or JCAC Chair role. If the entered user does not have one of these roles, OAS will give an error message and you will not be able to complete the proxy assignment. 

Once you have entered a name, the employee's information will appear. 


Step Three:  Select User to be Assigned as Proxy

In the Proxy User text box, type the name of the user to be assigned the proxy role. Once you have entered a name, the employee's information will appear. 


Step Four:  Assign Proxy

Review the information entered to ensure the correct users are listed, then complete the action by selecting the Assign Proxy button.

A green confirmation pop-up will appear in the upper right corner to let you know the action was successfully completed. 

Removing a Proxy

To remove the proxy access, enter the name of the user who holds the EXEC or JCAC Chair role in the Assigned User text box. Then, click on the Remove Proxy button at the bottom of the form.

You will receive a confirmation pop-up box in the upper right corner informing you the proxy has been successfully removed. 



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