Manage Employees- View All Profiles, Edit and Add USDH Profiles Follow


 Pre-requisites:  HR Admin OAS Training


Topics Covered
Add, Remove, Transfer, Edit & Archive

Target Users
LE Staff Awards Coordinator and HRO

Required Permissions
HR Admin Access


Managing Employees in OAS

Everyone in a Mission can submit an award, so everyone with an official government account can be given access to OAS. LE Staff data will originate from OPS and be sent through GoMBC, they should not be manually entered in OAS. USDH/EFM data existing in GoMBC will be sent to OAS. If a Mission is not using GoMBC, all USDH/EFMs should be manually entered into OAS. Only those employees not yet in GoMBC should be manually entered in OAS. 


Manage Employees

  1. From the left hand menu, go to the Mission Admin Area and select the Manage Employees link.

  1. On the Manage Employees screen, you can search by Mission, Post, employee’s name, email and filter the list by LES or USDH employees. USDH Employees have a blue icon and LE are orange.

  1. Click the Person icon in the Action column to view supervised employees.

Add New Employees

  1. Clicking Add New will bring up a form allowing you to add only USDH employees. Use the Query Okta search function to look up an employee.

  1. You will need to assign a USDH Supervisor, Assign USDH Supervisor Role and select the Post, Agency and Section using the dropdown menu. It is important you assign each USDH employee to the correct Post, Agency and Section because the USDH will not be able to submit a nomination without this information. .

  1. If the employee will also have a Mission-level role, then you can select the Assign Role button at the bottom of the form after completing all other fields.  Or Save to add the employee to OAS. 

Edit Employees

  1. Select the Edit icon under the Action column to make changes to the employee’s profile.

  1. For LE Staff, the only editable field is the USDH Supervisor. For USDH, all fields can be edited. You can select Assign Roles for both LE Staff and USDH employees to add or remove Mission-level roles in OAS. 

  1. To add a Mission Role,  you  must enter the Mission in the dropdown then select one of the following roles: Financial Officer, Local HR Staff Awards Coordinator, Local Staff Supervisor, HR Officer, USDH Supervisor. Click Add Mission Role to add each applicable role. To remove an assigned role, click the Trash icon in the Action column.

  1. You can select to Transfer USDH employees, if they are departing Post.

  1. A popup window will appear. The current Mission and Post of the USDH will be listed in the Transfer From fields. You must enter the Mission and Post to which the USDH is transferring in the Transfer to fields. This transfer action will also transfer the USDH in GoMBC, so please make sure all required actions are completed in GoMBC prior to completing the transfer. 

Archive Employees

LE staff will be automatically archived for one year after their archival in GoMBC (which first requires a termination action in OPS). USDH employees are not automatically archived, you will have to manually archive or transfer USDH employees upon their departure from Post. 

  1. From the left hand menu, go to the Mission Admin Area and select the Archived Employees  link.

  1. A list will populate with all the archived employees displaying the name, date archived and employee role. You can search the list by Mission, Post, typing the employee’s name, or filtering by LES or USDH employee type.

  1. Click on the employee and a popup window will open a form to edit the employee. LES employees will have the option to Assign Roles (to remove roles) and assign USDH Supervisor

  1. USDH employees will have the options to Assign Roles (to remove roles), Transfer Post, Delete, and assign USDH Supervisor.



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