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 Pre-requisites:  Coordinator Permissions


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Creating REA Profile

Target Users
Bureau Coordinators

Required Permissions
Coordinator User Access

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Creating a New REA Profile 

Bureau Coordinators may create the REA's profile in the READY application.  Coordinators can create new REA Profiles by navigating to the Add Employee page from the left NavBar.



On the Add Employee page, all required fields are indicated by an asterisk.  (All required fields must be populated in order to successfully create the profile.)  Coordinators must complete the new employee’s personal information, employee information, and departmental assignment information.



When all required details are entered, Coordinators can click the Create Employee button at the bottom of the page to create the new employee profile.  A pop-up message displays to confirm the creation of the new profile.  To confirm the creation of the new profile, click the Yes, Create Profile button from the pop-up.  To cancel the profile creation or to add additional details, click the Cancel button from the pop-up. 



To make further edits, navigate to the Edit REA Profile page and search for the employee to display the profile for edits.  The REA will now have REA permissions and access to the READY application after authenticating through Okta. 



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