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Configurations for Coordinators

Within the READY Application, there are many places that are customizable at the bureau level to make them unique for each bureau.  Some of these include: post request submission instructions, all system automated emails, and managing users within your bureau. 

The ability to edit these configurations exists for users with Coordinator-level permissions in the system. 

To navigate to these configurations, click the Configurations dropdown in the left NavBar.  Within the dropdown there are Submission Instructions, Automate Emails, and User Management options for customization.



Submission Instructions 

When Post-level users submit position requests within the application, they first need to agree to understanding the instructions of the submission prior to completing the submission form. 

The instructions at the top of the submission request are configurable for Coordinator-level users to make them unique for your bureau.  

When navigating to the Submission Instructions page, the system template initially displays with the ability to add or remove instructions to the text field.  The text field includes formatting abilities to change fonts, text size, color, etc.. Once edits have been made to the template, Coordinators can save the instructions and upon saving, the edits will display on the New Request page.  There is also a Revert to Blank Template button to allow for the Coordinators to revert back to the original template, if needed.



Automated Emails 

Based on actions taking place in the system, the system sends automated emails to notify REAs and Coordinators that action has been taken or needs to be taken. 

All automated emails have a generated template that can be edited and made unique per bureau.  Automated emails will send when any of the following actions are taken in the system:

  • A position request has been submitted for your bureau (Coordinators)
  • Your position request has been approved (Requestor)
  • Your position request has been denied (Requestor)
  • Your position request requires additional information (Requestor)
  • An REA has been tentatively assigned to a position (REA)
  • REA has accepted assignment (Coordinator)
  • REA has declined assignment (Coordinator)
  • Assignment has ended and survey needs to be completed (REA)
  • Timesheet submitted (REA)
  • “Welcome to READY” when REA profile has been created (REA)



User Management

The User Management page allows Coordinators to edit permissions of users within their bureau, add existing system users to their bureau, and add Coordinators to their bureau. 

There are two separate tabs on the User Management page:

  1. Current users existing within your bureau
  2. Allows Coordinators to search for all existing users within the system in the case that an existing user in a different bureau needs to be added to your bureau. 

Both pages allow for searching and filtering.  The tab for users within your bureau also allows for exporting. 

Within the user table, the following information displays: First Name, Last Name, Primary Email, Secondary Email, Roles, and Action.  The Roles column includes all roles that have been assigned to the user profile.  The Action column includes an edit button that allows Coordinators to edit permissions for that user.



On the Bureau Users tab, Coordinators have the ability to add a new Coordinator to their bureau by clicking the Add New Coordinator button.  When clicked, a new page will display and the Coordinator will be prompted to enter the new user’s First Name, Last Name, Primary Email, and Secondary Email (if applicable).  When all required information is entered, click the Create New User button and the created user will now have access to the Coordinator permissions within the bureau.




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